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Nowadays, smartphones are widely used in our daily lives, not only in online or offline games, books and entertainments, but also in all sorts of applications, such as maps, cameras, calculators and flashlight, etc. All these contribute to the price which can be afforded by the public.

Our company is delighted to introduce you a smartphone patrol system using NFC (Near Field Communication). With the smartphones having NFC built-in features and installed our E-Patrol App, patrol route can be designed and patrol data are then transferred to our E-Patrol database in a real-time basis. Supervisors can observe the patrol of your security guards at once, reports can also be generated at the same tie for the inspection of the management level.


E-Patrol - Guard Tour System:

- New technology, High compatibility
- Multiple Properties supported, Centralized Management
- Low maintenance and repair cost
- Real-Time sync patrol record to your system
- Avoid duplicated records for the same point which decreases system loading
- Lifetime FREE system upgrade


Easy to Use

- record check point by NFC mobile
- sync patrol records to E-Patrol System by Real-Time or Manually
- Generate patrol reports to management whenever you want
- No complex steps to confirm
- Fit for security guards of all ages!


Suitable for Industry:

- Property Management, Hospitality, Security.